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Collections are defined as smart contracts which allow creators to mint NFTs, control creator royalties between up to three addresses, and display them within the collection page on and other marketplaces. For creators minting their first NFTs, or simply experimenting with our platform, we recommend using the Hinata General Collection contract. NFTs can be minted for free to the General collection, where they will exist alongside the work from other Verified Creators. All sales are subject to 1.5% royalties which are directed to the Hinata Foundation for platform maintenance. Once an item is minted to the General Collection it cannot be moved to another collection. A new collection offers artists a higher degree of freedom when minting and presenting their work. Collections allow users to manage royalties, display information, and more. Creating a new collection can be expensive, as the amount of data and network gas required to deploy a new smart contract that governs the collection is high.

Creating a collection

To begin with, you can create a collection by clicking the "Create" button at homepage.

Creating an NFT is not necessary to deploy a new collection contract.

This action takes you to the "CREATING YOUR DROP" page.

Start by adding a picture of PNG, GIF, or WEBP type that will act as the "Logo Image" of your collection. You can think of your logo image as the profile picture of a given social profile. Continue by adding a "Featured Image" of the PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP4, or MP3 type with a maximum of 50 MB. This image will act as the background of your collection.

Once you've chosen your theme, proceed to name and describe your collection. The name of the collection is limited to 25 characters and its description should contain between 49 and 200 characters. In addition, create a unique URL by adding a name after "collections".

Creating your unique URL is necessary as that way you can enable the "Create Collection" button for clicking.

As the creator of an NFT, you can receive passive income even after you have sold that NFT. This is achievable via the royalties feature i.e. by assigning the address(es) of collectors in the "ROYALTIES" section, you are creating a smart contract on the blockchain. Whenever a secondary sale (the collectors who bought the NFT from you have sold it to others) happens, the smart contract ensures that the terms are met and the royalties paid. So the royalties are automatic payouts to the Verified Creator made on the marketplace. Using royalties is optional and completely up to you.

We cannot enforce creator royalties on other platforms. For example, if you choose to list your collection NFTs on another marketplace, you must manually set royalties within their collection management dashboard.

Another feature we provide for you is linking your social media to your collection.

Your collection will be created on the Ethereum blockchain, hence the ETH token is to be used for all transactions.

We also offer the feature of classifying your collection as "explicit and sensitive content". If that is the case, simply enable the toggle button and you're set.

Finally, click ''Create Collection''. This action triggers your wallet provider to ask you to complete a payment transaction. Confirm it.

Your wallet provider will notify you of the successfully executed transaction.

Now you have successfully created a New Collection.

Mind you that deploying new collection smart contracts is expensive and can cost more than $100.

Finding your created collection

To access your newly created collection, click on your profile icon, and from the modal that appears choose "My Collections".

Here you can find the collection(s) you have already created.

Click on the collection you have just created to see what it looks like.

Collection limits

There is no limit to the number of collections Verified Creators may deploy. Simply go to the "Create" button at your homepage to create more collections.

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