Creator Royalties and Platform Fees

All transactions are subject to creator royalties and platform fees which are subtracted from the transaction amount. Platform fees for are currently set to 0%. Creator royalties for all collections deployed using the Hinata platform are decided at the time of contract creation. For the launch of the alpha, all creator royalties for external whitelisted collections are based upon current OpenSea collection settings.

Creator royalties

Creator royalties for individual collections can be set to a maximum of 98.5% of the transaction amount and split between three Ethereum addresses.

Note that setting collection royalties above 10% may discourage owners from listing NFTs on the secondary market.

Sales royalties are distributed at the time of purchase by marketplace contracts and are not subject to escrow.

Platform fees

Currently, is not charging any platform fee for primary and secondary NFT sales. In the future, fees will be capped at 1.5% and subject to a sliding scale based on account type, marketplace participation, and other factors.

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