This page defines the domain language used across our platform.

Certain terms used throughout our documentation might seem unfamiliar to our users, so this section contains a short selection of commonly used terms and their definitions.


Anonymous User

A user who hasn’t connected their wallet. They can browse public profiles, view both primary and secondary NFTs, but may not purchase or bid on the listings.


A listing type. An NFT can be listed for auction for a certain period of time so that users can bid on it. There is no maximum price that the NFT can theoretically sell for, as the price will go as high as users think it's worth.

  • There is, however, a reserve price - this is the lowest price that the seller is willing to sell his NFT at.

  • There is also a starting price is the price that the seller has decided to begin the auction at.

Authenticated User

A user who has successfully connected their wallet and filled out all necessary information on their profile.

Authenticated Users can list secondary NFTs, mint complimentary NFT, and receive listing/sale updates via email if subscribed.


Defined as smart contracts which allow creators to mint NFTs, control creator royalties between up to three addresses, and display them within the collection page on and other marketplaces.

Creator royalties

A fee that is placed on a collection by its creator. Everytime an NFT of that collection is sold on Hinata, the % fee is deducted and divided among a maximum of three addresses that the collection creator had defined.

Favorite NFT

Any NFT that you encounter in the app can be “liked" or marked as favorite. Two conditions have to be met before a user can like a card:

1. the user must have a wallet connected to the app;

2. the user must be "logged in".

Free NFT

Each new account that authenticates their profile is rewarded with a free ERC-1155 NFT in either landscape or portrait aspect ratio. However, you need to pay a gas fee for the minting purposes.

Bear in mind that the number of free NFTs is limited.


The fee needed to process Ethereum transactions, i.e. transaction cost.

Guest User

A user who has connected their wallet to Hinata’s app, but hasn’t yet created a profile.

Hide NFT

Hiding an NFT enables you to hide a given NFT from your profile, that is from the Created NFTs tab and the Collected NFTs tab. This way, you can completely remove any possible association with your profile and the NFT, in case you don't want other users to see the NFT on your profile.

Hinata General Collection

The default Hinata collection. For Verified Creators minting their first NFTs or simply experimenting with our platform, we recommend using the Hinata General Collection contract.


One or more NFTs that have been grouped or marked for sale or auction by a seller.


A crypto-native anime NFT marketplace where users can list primary and secondary NFTs for purchase and engage in trading activities. Before you can start exploring the marketplace you must connect your wallet and sign the current Terms of Service.


A listing type. An NFT can be listed for sale for a fixed price for a specific amount of time and users can buy the NFT only at that price. The sale stops being active when the time runs out or the NFT has been bought.

Verified Creator

A user who can create collections, as well as mint, buy, and sell NFTs. Learn more here.


Wrapped ETH is a form of ETH or Etherium that is wrapped in a smart contract in order to make it function like an ERC-20 token.

To wrap and unwrap ETH use this app.

Whitelisted collection

A collection whose contract has been approved for trading on the Hinata Marketplace. Only collections that were not created on Hinata Marketplace are reviewed and whitelisted or denied from being tradeable.

Here’s a list of the current Whitelisted collections.

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