EXP Program

A comprehensive overview of the airdrop, EXP points, and staking features available on the Hinata platform.

In this guide, we will explore various ways to earn EXP points by engaging in activities such as listing NFTs and generating trading volume, and how these points can be converted into valuable rewards.

One of the ways to earn EXP points is through airdrops, where users are motivated to participate on the platform by the promise of tokens. By taking actions and accumulating EXP points, users can ultimately convert them into Hinata tokens, which serve as rewards for their engagement.

Hinata has had two seasons thus far, with Season 2 currently ongoing and Season 1 concluded. During Season 1, users had the opportunity to earn EXP points by listing NFTs on the platform.

When it comes to listing NFTs, each tier offers a different amount of experience points, akin to leveling up in gaming. For example, listing an NFT in Tier 3 grants you 10 EXP points, Tier 2 offers 30 EXP points, and Tier 1 awards 50 EXP points. It's worth noting that listing NFTs for sale is sufficient to earn EXP points; actual sales are not required.

Furthermore, users can also earn EXP points based on their trading volume. For every 0.005 ETH in volume generated through listed NFTs, users are rewarded with EXP points. This incentivizes users to actively participate on the platform and contribute to its overall trading activity.

The role of a Verified Creator vs the role of an Authenticated User

There are distinct differences between Verified Creators (VC) and authenticated users in terms of earning EXP points. Verified Creators have the additional opportunity to earn EXP points by minting NFTs. To become a Verified Creator, users need to obtain the Verified Creator role, which grants them specific privileges. Whenever a Verified Creator mints an NFT, they receive 100 EXP points. Additionally, they earn 50 EXP points for each NFT they list, with a limit of one listing per day for NFTs they created. The trading volume EXP points for Verified Creators are also adjusted, with a ratio of 1 EXP point for every 0.01 or 0.001 ETH traded, depending on the specific terms.

By participating in these actions and earning EXP points, users can actively take part in the Hinata platform and unlock various rewards. It's an exciting opportunity to grow and prosper on the platform.

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