Claim Your Free NFT

One cool fact about Hinata is that we reward every new user who authenticates their profile on our platform with a free NFT. You are able to claim your free ERC-1155 NFT either in landscape or portrait aspect ratio, after you've finished setting up your profile.

However, the gas needed for the minting process should be covered by you, so make sure that you already have funds in your wallet before you start the claiming process.

Claim your free NFT

Once your profile is 100% completed, you'll notice that a "Claim your NFT" button has appeared just under the completion progress bar. Click this button to start minting your very first NFT on our platform.

Next, you get to choose whether you'd like your NFT either in portrait - "Hinata Special" or in landscape orientation - "Hinata Special Widescreen".

Once you have made your choice, simply click the "Mint Now" button. Then your wallet provider will require your signature as a way to verify your account.

Notice how the MetaMask modal displays the ETH balance for the account you are currently using. This is important as you would need to use that balance to pay your gas fee. But first, sign the request.

After signing, the following MetaMask modal displays the amount of gas fee you are supposed to cover. At this point, you can either reject the transaction or confirm it and claim the NFT.

For the latter, if the transaction was successful, both MetaMask and Hinata will notify you of it via pop-up.

Notice how after minting your NFT, the "Claim your NFT" button has disappeared as it served its purpose.

Find your NFT

You can find your minted NFT on your profile, under "COLLECTED NFTs" section.

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