Set up Your Hinata Profile

A guide illustrating the steps towards becoming an Authenticated User.

So, you have landed on's website for the first time where you can browse the public profiles and scroll the marketplace listings as you get acquainted with the platform. That's all you can do as an Anonymous User. When you connect your wallet to Hinata, you gain the status of a Guest User, and as such, you can engage in listing and buying NFTs. If you want to experience even more of the privileges that a user can possess on our platform, proceed to completing your user profile. Once you have filled in your profile data, your account gets authenticated in our system. As an Authenticated User, you can list secondary NFTs, mint complimentary NFT, and receive listing/sale updates via email if subscribed.

Authenticating your user profile

The moment you've connected your wallet to Hinata, you've also created a user profile which happens to be completely empty. You can either keep it that way and maintain your status as a Guest User, or you can complete your profile by inserting the required information and get authenticated in our system.

For the second option, click directly on the "Guest User" icon on the top right corner of your screen.

From the modal that opens, choose to click on "My Profile".

This action takes you to your profile page where you'd be greeted by a modal informing you that for completing your profile you will be rewarded with an NFT. Click "Complete your profile" to proceed.

Providing your profile data

You can now start filling in the required fields and customize your profile to your liking. Notice how the progress bar is 0% at this point. Enter your information and watch it progressing as you insert the data.

Start by inserting the following mandatory data:

  • username - make sure that you come up with a unique username that hasn't been already taken;

  • email - use your current email, e.g.:;

  • bio - write a specific paragraph that best describes you, counting from 19 to 200 characters.

You can notice how the Profile completion bar progresses as you add more info. Continue by entering the rest of the mandatory data:

  • profile picture - set up a picture (180x180) of your choice via drag and drop or browsing your computer, which can be of gif, png, and/or jpeg type;

  • banner - set up a banner (2550x290px) of your choice via drag and drop or browsing your computer also of the gif, png, and/or jpeg type.

Optionally, you can also connect your profile to any of your other social media profiles. We support links to Instagram, Discord, and Twitter accounts. Users with a portfolio of creative works can also connect to their Pixiv, Deviantart, and Artstation accounts. Additionally, if you run your own personal website, you can also connect it to your Hinata account.

Saving your profile

Once you are all set, it's time to save your changes. Hover over the "Save Changes" button to enable it for clicking, and then click. This action triggers your wallet provider to ask for your signature, as a way to verify your identity.

You will be notified via pop up for the successfully updated profile.

Finally, you are all set. As a confirmation of your successfully updated profile, you'll find that the progress bar at the top of your screen has reached 100% of completeness.

Notice how the "Guest" profile icon has been replaced with your profile picture now that you've become an Authenticated User.

Lastly, navigate to "My Profile" to see the look of your completed profile.

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