Buy an NFT from the Marketplace

All Guest, Authenticated, and Verified Creator accounts can purchase any NFT listed for primary or secondary sale. Make sure you have enough wrapped ETH (WETH) in your wallet so that you can trade and make transactions there.

Log in with your account

To begin with, simply log in with your Hinata account.

Search the marketplace

Start looking around the marketplace to find the NFT of your interest. Hinata supports browsing by Listings, Collections, and Creators.

Find the NFT you want to purchase

Buy the NFT

The contract can never take your cash without you allowing it to do that.

Since the marketplace uses WETH (Wrapped ETH), you will have to swap your ETH for WETH. Proceed here to do that. If you want to get ETH back, only "unwrap" it.

Once that is taken care of, and you've pasted in your WETH/token address proceed to confirm the approval.

After confirming it, you'd be notified of the successful confirmation.

Finally, you'd be notified via pop-up(s) of the successful transaction and purchase along with a success message displayed on the Trade tab.

Find your NFT

Simply navigate to "COLLECTED NFTs" section via clicking on "MY PROFILE" and find your newly acquired NFT there.

Bid on an NFT

While looking around the marketplace, an NFT set for auction catches your attention and you wish to bid on it.

To process the bid, your wallet provider needs your confirmation to access your funds. Confirm it.

You'd be notified of the successfully confirmed transaction via pop-up from your wallet provider.

Users who bid on a given NFT, would be listed under the NFT's Trade tab. Therefore, you can now find your name listed under the Mai's Trade tab.

Not having enough balance to purchase the NFT of your choice

On the other hand, if the NFT of your interest is too expensive and you don't have enough balance (W/ETH) to purchase it, the following will happen:

  • The "Buy Now" button will be inactive;

  • The message "Insufficient balance to buy this NFT." appears when you hover over the "Buy Now" button.

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