Connect Your Wallet to Hinata

In order to use the NFT marketplace you must own an Ethereum compatible wallet. We support the following Ethereum wallets: MetaMask, Torus, Coinbase, Authereum, and WalletConnect. To read more about setting up your first Ethereum wallet and generating a new address, proceed here.

We cannot provide user support for any Ethereum wallet providers. We will never ask you for your private keys, we won't have access to your wallet password, and we do not have any way to manage your funds.

Connecting your wallet

Navigate to Hinata's home page and click the wallet icon on the top right of your screen.

You will be prompted to choose which wallet provider you are using.

For the purpose of this guide, we will illustrate a flow of using MetaMask. You will be required to insert your password when MetaMask pops up on your screen (in case MetaMask is locked).

Make sure that your current account is connected to MetaMask. From your MetaMask window, select the account you intend to use. If you don't have one yet, click on "New account" to create one.

Click "Next" and then "Connect" to finish up the setting.

The above described scenario happens when you are connecting your account to MetaMask for the first time or when your authentication token had expired (after 48 hours). In these cases, you will need to follow the illustrated steps. However, if you have already connected your account and your authentication token is still valid, you can easily switch between your accounts and connect the desired one without any additional steps.

Simply select the account you plan to use.

Click the "Not connected" toggle button.

And just like that, you've connected your account.

However, there are a few more steps that you need to complete to finalize the login flow: authentication, validation, and agreeing to our Terms of Service.

Authenticating your account

MetaMask will require you to prove your identity via signing in. That way you can prove ownership of the Etherium address associated with the private key you are using. This is triggered upon action, like if you try to access "My Profile" for example, you'd have to sign in first.

Hover over the "SIGN IN" button to enable it for clicking. When it changes its color to light blue, it's clickable.

Validating your account

Immediately after signing in, MetaMask will ask you to sign a message to as a way of verifying that the established identity is valid.

Click the "SIGN" button once it is available for clicking. That initiates another signature request for you.

Sign it. After a successful signing, you are prompted to continue to our Terms of Service.

The Sign in/Sign Message prompt is only displayed when your authorization token needs refreshing, so it's never constantly prompted every time you try to execute some action, unless required. The authorization token expires and refreshes every 24 hours for one address. Essentially, the flow described above is not always the case.

Agreeing to Hinata's Terms of Service

Finally, we will ask you to read and agree to our Terms of Service in order to be able to use our site and all it has to offer.

Click the "I agree" box.

Click the "Let's go" button once it is clickable. That will trigger one final signature request.

Sign it, and with that you are all set.

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