Claim & Stake

During Season 1, users were unable to earn additional EXP points. At the conclusion of this stage, if a user has accumulated 3500 EXP points, their points will be converted at a ratio of 3 to 1. This means that for every EXP point earned, they will receive 3 Hinata tokens. To claim these rewards, users can navigate to the "Claim and Stake" page and simply click the "Claim Rewards" button. This section primarily focuses on claiming the trading rewards from the respective season in which the user was active.

Claim Vesting Rewards

This section is designed for individuals who have invested in the company and had tokens locked up for a specific vesting period. Here, users can claim the tokens that have become unlocked at the end of the vesting period. The balance displayed reflects the amount of tokens available for unlocking at each vesting period. Users can claim these tokens by signing a transaction, and the process is as straightforward as that.

Stake and Unstake

In this section, users have the opportunity to stake their Hinata tokens to earn a certain amount of yield. The staking process is simple and commonly used. Users can enter the desired amount of tokens they wish to stake. For instance, if there are currently 369 tokens in their wallet, they can input this amount. Additionally, users can choose the time period for which they want to stake their tokens, as it affects the lock-up period and potential yield. By staking tokens, users are essentially depositing their funds into the protocol and receiving tokens in return for locking them up.

The APY (Annual Percentage Yield) represents the rate at which users earn tokens. For example, if the APY is 195.40%, it means that by the end of the year, users would have earned approximately 195.40% of the initially staked amount, resulting in nearly 6000 tokens.

Users can also see their positions in this section. Each stake made for 3 months, 6 months, or a year is treated as a separate position. It is important to note that subsequent stakes do not add to an existing position but rather create new ones.


Compounding refers to the process of reinvesting all the tokens earned over time into the underlying amount. For example, if users initially staked 2000 tokens and earned an additional 23 tokens, compounding would entail reinvesting those 23 tokens into the underlying amount (resulting in 2023 tokens). This allows users to earn more tokens as time progresses. However, users have the choice to either claim these tokens immediately or opt for automatic reinvestment. The decision to reinvest or claim depends on the user's risk assessment and preferences.


In summary, users can stake their tokens and select the desired lock-up period (3 months, 8 months, or a year), considering that longer lock-up periods generally result in higher yields. Below the stake options, a table displays all the different positions users have staked. If users choose to compound, any tokens earned are automatically reinvested. The Rewards section, located below the positions table, allows users to claim their rewards at any time, regardless of how many accrued rewards are there which hadn't been immediately reinvested.

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