How to Become a Verified Creator

Your guidance to becoming a content creator, NFTs seller, and NFTs buyer on Hinata's platform.
Verified Creator accounts have the ability to:
  1. 1.
    Mint NFTs and
  2. 2.
    Create their own collection contracts on the marketplace which contain newly minted NFTs.

Getting your account verified

In order to start creating, buying, and selling NFT drops on our marketplace, you need to get in touch with the Hinata team and apply to become a creator. You can do so by contacting us via our social channels and we will provide you with a link to an application.
So, what does a strong creator application look like? We are looking for a few of the following: 1) Examples of previous work on any web2 or web3 platform 2) A community of supporters/subscribers/fans 3) Unique creative direction or exceptional talent within your genre 4) An interest in creating web3 work in 2D or 3D After you've submitted your application, please give our team at least a week to review and discuss it with DAO members. You'll know you've become our Verified Creator once this modal appears on your screen.
You must click the "CONFIRM" button and you can start enjoying your journey as a Creator.
The first distinction that you'll notice on our platform is the "CREATE" button now displayed in front of your user name.

Step into your role and start creating

In order to start exploring your new role, simply click "CREATE". This action would require you to confirm your identity via signing in and signing a message.
Next, your wallet provider would ask for your signature. There is no transaction fee for this.
After a successful signature, this modal appears on your screen:
Once you have confirmed and verified your identity, you can start creating your first drop. Proceed to our How to List an NFT for Purchase guide to learn about the procedure. If you wish to create your own collection, proceed to our guide How to Create a Collection.