How to Set up Your Hinata Profile

In order to use the NFT marketplace you must own an Ethereum compatible wallet. We support the following Ethereum wallets: MetaMask, Torus, Coinbase, Authereum, and WalletConnect. To read more about setting up your first Ethereum wallet and generating a new address, proceed here.
We cannot provide user support for any Ethereum wallet providers. We will never ask you for your private keys, we won't have access to your wallet password, and we do not have any way to manage your funds.

Connecting your wallet

The first step is navigating to "CONNECT WALLET" on the top right of the screen from the Hinata home page.
You will be prompted to choose which wallet provider you are using.
MetaMask won't appear in your list of providers unless you already have it installed on your browser. For more information proceed here.
Next, click "CONNECT WALLET" and you'll automatically become our Guest User (as you can see on the top right of your screen). The Guest User accounts have the ability to browse, buy, and list all supported NFTs on our marketplace.
From here you can decide whether to fill in your profile information to become an Authenticated User or keep your status as a Guest. Once you add profile information, which includes a mandatory user name, your account is considered as Authenticated User.

Authenticating your user profile

In order to become an Authenticated User, click directly on "Guest User" or on your user icon on the top right corner of your screen, and from the modal that opens, choose to click on "MY PROFILE".
This action requires for your signature. You must first agree to our terms of service and sign in to create your profile.
After you have clicked "SIGN IN", you are required to sign the following message and your wallet provider's signature request:
Next, click "CONTINUE" and afterwards "COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE" to insert all your data and customize your profile to your liking.
To complete your profile, as mandatory data, you need to insert the following:
  • username - make sure that you come up with a unique username that hasn't been already taken;
  • email - use your current email, e.g.: [email protected];
  • bio - write a specific paragraph that best describes you, counting from 19 to 200 characters;
  • profile picture - set up a picture (180x180) of your choice via drag and drop or browsing your computer, which can be of gif, png, and/or jpeg type;
  • banner - set up a banner (2550x290px) of your choice via drag and drop or browsing your computer also of the gif, png, and/or jpeg type.
You can notice how the Profile completion bar progresses as you add more info.
You can also connect your profile to any of your other social media profiles. We support links to Instagram, Discord, and Twitter accounts. Users with a portfolio of creative works can also connect to their Pixiv, Deviantart, and Artstation accounts. Additionally, if you run your own personal website, you can also connect it to your Hinata account.

Saving your profile

Once everything is set, you'll notice that the "SAVE CHANGES" button has changed its color from gray to black, meaning it is now enabled for clicking.
After clicking the button, your wallet provider would ask for your signature.
You'll note that the signature has been successful when the following pop up appears on your top right corner.
Finally, you have your profile all set.
As a confirmation of your successfully setup profile, you'll find that the progress bar at the top of your screen, has reached 100% of completeness.
Your saved changes should be reflected on your user profile. Note that on the top right of the screen, your user name would now be visible.
If you navigate to "MY PROFILE" now, it would look like this:
The best thing about becoming a user on our platform is that by setting up your profile, you are rewarded with a free NFT from our art team!
Learn more about how to claim it by referring to our guide How to Claim Your Free NFT.